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2 Sisters Soaps

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I've been converted. To soap.

It's not that I spent my life ponging the house out, I used to use liquid body washes, choosing whatever was on offer in the supermarket. Having slightly temperamental skin, I was always quite wary of trying to pick something that was suitable for sensitive skin, but didn't smell horrifically boring. This usually turns out to be a bit more difficult than it should be.

I spotted '2 Sisters Soaps' online. They specialise in artisan, handmade and all natural cold process soaps, and after seeing that they only use natural additives (including colors and scents) and that they are a ton cheaper than I imagined, I ordered two soaps to try. They arrived within a couple of days, and I promptly ignored them for a week or so. I couldn't quite quit the bottle! I eventually manned up, and brought a soap dish.

The soaps that I ordered were 'Aussie Scrub' and 'Festival Brew'. They also sent me a 'Spa Bar' which was very lovely of them!

I chose the Aussie Scrub bar, as it contains poppy seeds for exfoliating instead of micro beads. I recently read about companies using plastic micro beads in scrubs, which are nasty for the oceans and in the long run, us. Using natural ingredients such as poppy seeds works just as well, and is also a bit of a novelty when you first use the soap! This bar also has shea butter, teatree, lemongrass and smells lovely. It's my favourite so far. (Shown above.)

The Festival Brew raised some eyebrows from the husband. I can confirm that it does not smell like the kind of scary festival that I went to in my younger years. This soap smells like patchouli & bergamot, which is what I imagine a nice festival to smell like, where people go home to shower every night. I chose this one because the website says that it contains palm & coconut oils which provide cleansing, olive oil which is conditioning and green clay which is detoxifying. All of these things are good. All of the soaps that 2 Sisters Soaps make have 40% Olive Oil, which create the hardest kind of soaps (no falling apart in your hand) and the mildest soaps.

The Spa Bar soap is a lovely soothing soap, which seems to lend itself to that time of the day when you need to chill out and bed is imminent. It is also a salt soap, which has a dense kind of lather, and apparently healing properties- it can be detoxifying and has antiseptic properties. I saw on the 2 Sisters Soaps Facebook page that someone said that it had helped clear up their eczema... so y'know winner.

So, in summary, these soaps are quite brilliant. There's just something very luxurious about using handmade soaps, and having a selection to choose from. And after snooping around their website to see what to order next I've noticed there is a salt soap called 'Lime Margarita', which sounds like one of my favourite things... And I've officially binned the bottles messing up the side of the shower. Bravo!