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Handmade Hour and Bluebell Creations

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Twitter can be confusing. But it's also awesome. Especially on Wednesdays. Particularly between 7:30pm and 9:30pm. This is when crafters from all over the UK tweet what they've been working on recently using the hashtag #handmadehour. It was put together by @handmadenation who are a lovely bunch supporting handmade businesses. You can check them out at

I often take part to show off some new goodies, and I always end up spending the rest of the evening checking out Facebook pages and Etsy shops. This evening my favourite spot was Bluebell Creations.

These lovely designs are delicately hand cut from paper by their creator, Heather.

I love the way these have been mounted away from their background, so that they cast shadows. And I'm a sucker for something presented so perfectly, and with a subtle signature. Just gorgeous!

Bluebell Creations can be found in the following places:

Etsy Shop:
Facebook Page:
Instagram: (I love some of the behind the scenes pics on here!)