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Welcome to Handmade in Staffordshire! You might be wondering why we are here... let me explain.

I moved to Stafford in 2014, with my little jewellery business 'Eightfourteen'. When I sell a piece of jewellery to somewhere overseas (thank you Etsy) I used to write 'made in the UK' on the side of the gift box. Since being here I've realised that being able to write 'Made in Staffordshire' adds a little bit of uniqueness, and paints a better picture of where the jewellery is actually coming from.

So, I was wondering who else might do this kind of thing, and what other small creative businesses might be here. I was hunting the internet for some kind of Staffordshire handmade network, somewhere to introduce myself and find out about other makers, craft fairs, and just generally see what's going on here. As I was failing at this search, I decided to just go ahead and set one up. And here we are...

The plan is to blog and share information about other Staffordshire designers, makers, crafters, scribblers... If you'd like to have your handmade items featured, please get in touch!